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Woodville Gardens School talks – 2017

Book Week is fast approaching and I have also started already going to schools getting in early. On Monday the 31st I went down to Woodville Gardens Primary. This is actually the local school of my area so it only took me 2 minutes to drive there.

Once there, the kids and teachers were great! It’s awesome to know that I have such a good school so close to my house.

Here is what 2 of the 3 groups came up with in my character creation part of the sessions. Unfortunately my camera didn’t work for the 3rd session (sorry guys)

First we have HAMMY the pig. Hammy has a burger for a body, T-rex arm and human legs. He lives in a giant TV on Mars.

Next we have BOB. Bob is an elephant that has a chicken for a body, crayfish arms and robot legs. He lives in a giant turtle shell on the moon.

BOOK WEEK TALKS: Kings Baptist Grammar – DAY 2

On the second day of talks at King’s Baptist Grammar I had a bunch of kids waiting for me to sign stuff when I rocked up. It was awesome and I have never had that happen to me before.

Dan arrival 4

As usual I did my talks and ended with a character creation part. Here is what the kids came up with.

First up we have Debbie the cat. She has bananas that shoot out puppies for arms, a KFC bucket for a body and chainsaws for legs. She lives in a giant hot dog in the land of doughnuts.


Next we have Bobby the pig. He has giraffes for arms, a snow mans body with bacon for legs. He lives in a whale in Candy land.


Last we have Fred the worm. He has a vending machine for a body, sausage dogs for arms and human legs. He lives in a giant Lego block in a forest.


I had an amazing time at King’s Baptist Grammar. I just want to thank Denise Visciglio and  all the kids for making we feel really welcome! Thanks everyone!

Year 4s


Day two of my Colonel Light Gardens talks went off without a hitch!


Here’s what the kids came up with in my character creation part of my talks.

First we have Bob the chicken. He has a planet for a body, robot arms and rockets for legs. He lives in a roast turkey in the world if fish.


Next we have Gig the elephant. He has a house for a body, Meatballs for arms and human heads for legs. He lives in a giant coconut on Mars.


Last we have Tyrone the hippo. He has a fish for a body, tentacle arms and unicorn horns for legs. He lives in a giant pumpkin on a cloud.


I really enjoyed the last two days at Colonel Light Gardens Primary School. Librarian Simone, all the staff and all the kids were awesome. Thankyou everyone for inviting me to talk at your school.

Seaford and Woodcroft Library talks

I got to do do a talk at the Seaford and Woodcroft library.


As usual I did my character creation part at the end with the kids. Here is what they came up with.

My first stop was Woodcroft Library. There we got Blobbles the Horse. Blobbles has squid arms, cows for legs and a cardboard box for a body. He lives in a giant shoe in the land of bubbles.


Next at Seaford Library we got Milo the cat. Milo also had squid arms, Parrot legs and a orange for a body. He lives in a giant peanut in Pig World.




Hills Christian Community School – BOOK WEEK – DAY 4

Day 4 of Book week found me at Hills Christian Community School. It was an awesome day of fast paced talks.


Here is what the kids came up with in the character creation part of my talk.



First up we have Larry the dog. He has arms that are made of teeth with fish finger fingers, horse legs and a fish’s body. He lives in a french fries house on Mars.




Next we have Fred the frog. He has skeleton arms, chicken drumstick legs, a muscle mans body and a tiger’s tail. He lives in a sneaker in the world of Fruit and veggies.




Here we have Sunny-Jim the wolf. He has T-Rex arms, caterpillar legs and an ice-cream for a body. He lives in a giant donut in the land of books.




Last we have Mr No the crocodile. He has muscle man arms, octopus legs, a beer belly and a monkeys tail. He lives in a giant upside-down pig in the land of whales.

It was a really fun day. All the kids and teachers were super nice. Thank for the awesome day guys!

Salisbury Heights P.S. – BOOK WEEK – DAY 2

Day two of Book Week ended me up at Salisbury Heights Primary School.

Here is what the kids came up with in the character creation section of the talks.


First up we have Steve the cat. He has hotdog arms, candy cane legs, slime for a body with a possum’s tail. He lives in a hamburger in the land of donuts.




Here we have Frank the shark. He has octopus arms, Minecraft legs, a cats tail and a body made of fire. He lives in a jelly castle in the land of lollies.



Last we have Billy the unicorn. He has T-rex arms, goats for legs, a mandarin for a body with a banana pig’s tail. He lives in a birthday cake at the bottom of the oceans.

All the teachers and kids where awesome and made me feel really at home. I had a great day.

Aldinga library Talks

Here is a drawing that me and the kids did on the 3rd of May at Aldinga library.

His name is Jeff. He is a rat with a donut body. He has tentacles for arms, Dolphins for legs and a cat’s tail. He lives in the Land of Toilet Rolls in a giant eye ball house.



Stirling Library Talk

I did a talk on Graphic novel at the Stirling library.

Here is what the kids came up with in the character creation part of the talk.

This is Steve the dog who has a taco for a body, donut arms with chip fingers, skeleton legs and a flower for a tail. He lives in a giant chicken on a huge marble in space.

IMG_4245 IMG_4246

Goodwood Library Talk

I got to do a talk on graphic Novel at Goodwood Library. He is what the kids came up with in the character creation part.

The kids came up with Boris the fish that has a basketball for a body, robot arms with skinny legs that have pizza for feet. He lives in a pineapple in the world of cheese.




Sutherland Shire Writers Unleashed festival

I had the pleasure to do a bunch of school talks at the Sutherland Shire Writers Unleashed festival. A big thanks to the organisers for inviting me and to all the kids for being a rad audience.



In the character creating part of my first talk the kids came up with Boo the crocodile with melting chocolate arms, hot doglegs, a skeleton body and a dragons tail. Boo lives in a giant stack of pancakes in the world of chips n’ gravy.



Second was Bob the hippopotamus. He has tentacle arms, carrot legs and a sugar cube body.


Next they came up with Mog the unicorn. Mog has T-rex arms, one mermaid tail for a leg and a chick leg for the other. All topped off with a turtles body. Mog lives in a giant marshmallow in the land of cheese.



Here we have Krob the rabbit. Krob has banana arms, snow ball hands, octopus legs and an upside down roast chicken body.  I apologise for the blurry photo.

All up I had a great two days in Sydney. Thanks again to everyone that made it all happen.



Author talks at Charles Sturt Library.

I got to do talks to three awesome groups of kids at the Charles Sturt Library the other day.

As usual each group did a character creating session where the kids yelled out there ideas for characters and i drew them on a white board.

Dan McGuiness - Session 1

Here’s what the kids came up with.

First we have Benny the crocodile with a sharks body, octopus legs, cheetah arms with knife and fork hands. He lives in a dinosaur on Mars.


Next we have Tom the fish. He has a hotdog body, cheetah legs, meatball arms, candy hands and a rhino horn. He lives in a giant snake in the land of cheese.



Last we have Sunny the cat. She has a chicken nugget body, snake arms, noodle legs in high heels and a pigs tail. She live in a giant rabbit. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to draw the world she lives in.



I had a great time and I’m pretty sure the kids did to.

Thanks  Charles Sturt Library!

Flagstaff Hill Primary School visit

Today I did a talk at my old stomping ground, Flagstaff Hill PS.

A big thanks goes out to all the kids and teachers that made me feel really welcome.

As usual at the end of each talk the kids come up with ideas for characters and I draw them on a white board.

First up we have Steve the rabbit. He has a giant set of front teeth, a robot arm, fairy floss for ears and a bomb for a tale. Steve lives in a giant beer hive on the moon.

Next we have Bob the Giraffe. He has an afro and a bow tie. His body is zombified and he has a pigs tail. Bob lives in a snail shell inside someones ear.

And last we have Tim the dragon. Tim has tentacles for arms, an elephants trunk for a tail, cooked chicken drumsticks for legs and skeleton duck feet. Tim lives in a banana boat in the land of ice-cream.

Aberfoyle Park Primary School Campus visit – Book Week

My last visit for book week was at Aberfoyle Park PS Campus. All the staff and kids were great there.

As usual at the end of my talk I got the kids to come up with ideas which I then drew on a white board.

First up we have Steve Gary the long haired snail. He has wings and fires out lolly pops. He lives in a giant peanut in the land of worms.

This is Bo-Bo the elephant that has tiger arms, chicken legs and a lizards tail. He wears glasses, a propeller hat and a clown nose at the end of his truck. He lives in a bubble mansion on Mars.

Last but not least we have Digger Dog. He has chainsaws for legs, ballons for a body and fish fingers for hands. He lives in a toad, inside someone’s wax filled ear.

So that’s the end of book week for this year.

I had lot’s of fun talking to all you guys!