Woodville Gardens School talks – 2017

Book Week is fast approaching and I have also started already going to schools getting in early. On Monday the 31st I went down to Woodville Gardens Primary. This is actually the local school of my area so it only took me 2 minutes to drive there.

Once there, the kids and teachers were great! It’s awesome to know that I have such a good school so close to my house.

Here is what 2 of the 3 groups came up with in my character creation part of the sessions. Unfortunately my camera didn’t work for the 3rd session (sorry guys)

First we have HAMMY the pig. Hammy has a burger for a body, T-rex arm and human legs. He lives in a giant TV on Mars.

Next we have BOB. Bob is an elephant that has a chicken for a body, crayfish arms and robot legs. He lives in a giant turtle shell on the moon.

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