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Book Week 2016

Book week is over for another year.

I visited a whole bunch of schools this year, including:

St Michael’s Collage for 2 days.
Golden Grove High School.
Adelaide Hills Library (Stirling).
Loreto College.
Trinity Collage for 2 days.

This year at some of the schools I trialed a drawing workshop where I would go through character creation and world building with the kids and then they would draw there own. It worked out great and I’m going to add it as an option for other schools from now on.

Here are what the kids came up with in the character creation part of my normal talks.

IMG_7889 IMG_7888 IMG_7878 IMG_7876 IMG_7875 IMG_7871 IMG_7870 IMG_7869 IMG_7868 IMG_7867

BOOK WEEK NEWS: Enfield Primary School talks.

My last day of Book Week found me at Enfield Primary School. There were lots of kids keen to learn all about graphic novels.



Naturally I did my character creation part of my talk. Here is what the kids came up with.

First we have Joe the rabbit. He has slugs for arms, a hamburger for a body and dinosaur legs. He lives in a cave under the sea.


Next we have Lexi the shark. She has robot arms, a kangaroo body with skeleton legs. She lives in a giant Pokeballon on Planet Mars.


Here we have Bob the unicorn. He has an eyeball for a body, T-Rex arms and sharks for legs. He lives in a huge jellyfish on the Moon.


Last we have Jerry the mouse. He has a wedge of cheese for a body, rockets for arms and the Hulk’s legs. He lives in a giant book in Candy land.


Some of the kids after my talks decided to draw some pictures to give to me. Thanks guys, I think these pictures are awesome! Stay rad and keep on drawing!


BOOK WEEK NEWS: Playford Library talk.

Right after doing my King’s Baptist Grammar talks I drove down to the Playford library to give another talk. It was a good turn out and everything went great. Here is what the kids came up with when I did my character creation bit.

Meet Milkshake the cat. He has a log for a body, brooms for arms and octopus legs. He lives in a magician’s hat in space



Monday 24th: Today I’m doing talks at Colonel Light Gardens Primary School. Everyone was welcoming and awesome!


I did my usual character creation part t the end of my talk. here is what the kids came up with:

First we have Bob the pig. He has a pizza body, tentacles for arms and sporks for legs. He lives in a giant potato in the world of marshmallows.


Next we have Timmy the koala. Timmy has T-Rex arms, a hotdog for a body and penguin legs. Unforunatly we ran out of time to draw what world he was from but at least I got librarian Simone in the shot.


Last we have Jimmy the cat. Jimmy has a burrito for a body, Twisties for arms and light bulbs for legs. He lives in a giant TV on a huge tennis ball.


I really enjoyed day one of my Colonel Light Gardens PS talks and I look forward to tomorrow for day 2.

Aldinga library Talks

Here is a drawing that me and the kids did on the 3rd of May at Aldinga library.

His name is Jeff. He is a rat with a donut body. He has tentacles for arms, Dolphins for legs and a cat’s tail. He lives in the Land of Toilet Rolls in a giant eye ball house.