BOOK WEEK NEWS: Enfield Primary School talks.

My last day of Book Week found me at Enfield Primary School. There were lots of kids keen to learn all about graphic novels.



Naturally I did my character creation part of my talk. Here is what the kids came up with.

First we have Joe the rabbit. He has slugs for arms, a hamburger for a body and dinosaur legs. He lives in a cave under the sea.


Next we have Lexi the shark. She has robot arms, a kangaroo body with skeleton legs. She lives in a giant Pokeballon on Planet Mars.


Here we have Bob the unicorn. He has an eyeball for a body, T-Rex arms and sharks for legs. He lives in a huge jellyfish on the Moon.


Last we have Jerry the mouse. He has a wedge of cheese for a body, rockets for arms and the Hulk’s legs. He lives in a giant book in Candy land.


Some of the kids after my talks decided to draw some pictures to give to me. Thanks guys, I think these pictures are awesome! Stay rad and keep on drawing!


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