Flagstaff Hill R-7 School Book Week talks 2017

On Monday 21st I did a bunch of Book Week talks at Flagstaff Hill R-7. This school is actually my old primary school. So much has changed. There is a bunch of new play equipment all through the school.

As usual I did my character creation section. This is what the kids came up with.

First up we have Billy the pig. He has pencils for arms, chicken legs and a banana for a body. He lives in a volcano in Candy land.

Here we have Stick the monkey. muscle man body, T-rex arms and corn for legs. The lives in a cupboard on Mars.

Third we have Jeff the rabbit. He has unicorns for arms, a donut for a body and eyeballs for legs. He lives in a giant chezzel on the Moon.

Lastly we have Ben the dog. He has a sagetti and meatballs body, robot arms and piranhas for legs. He lives in a donut on mars as well.

Thanks to all the kids and staff for making my visit awesome. It was great to see my old Primary school again.

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