Semaphore Library and Port Adelaide Enfield Library Book Week Talks.

On Wednesday 23rd I did a few talks at two different locations. The first talks were at Semaphore Library. Classes of kids came in from surrounding schools.

Here is what the kids came up with in my character creation section of the talks.

First we have Jeff the pig. He has ice creams for arms, a book for a body and tentacles for legs. He lives in a pumpkin in Candy land.

Secondly we have Jeff the dog. He has T-rex arms, shovels for legs and a pug dog for a body. He lives on an alien world.

Next I went drove over to Port Adelaide Enfield Library.

the kids there came up with these gems.

first we have Bob the Monkey. He has snakes for arms, a donut for a body and chicken legs. He lives in a giant burger on the Moon.

Lastly we have Paul the elephant. He has crab arms, a burger for a body and robot legs. He lives in a giant robot dog on Mars.

It was a day full of fun and laughs. All the staff and kids at each library made me feel really welcome.

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