Nazareth Catholic College Primary Campus talks

I spent a day at Nazareth Catholic College Primary Campus on Monday and it was great!

Awesome students and awesome staff. They have a cool community cafe as well!

Below is what the students came up with brainstorming characters and locations.

First we has Jeff. He has a bear’s head, robot arms, a donut for a body and fish tails for legs. He lives in an old shoe in Candy Land.

Next we have Bob the cat. He has tentacles for arms, a soccer ball for a body and unicorns for legs. He lives in a birthday cake on Mars.

Lastly we have Meaty the pig. She has bacon arms, a shark for a body and chicken drumsticks for legs. She lives in a fridge under the sea.

It was a great day and I would like to thank Grace and Marie for making me feel very welcome.

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