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Ceduna Area School visit

I did a bunch of talks at Ceduna Area School. All the kids and the teacher were super rad and nice.

As I always do I did some drawings with the kids. Here’s what they came up with.

First up is Ginger the dog. He has frog leg arms, a pigs body and chicken legs. He lives in a giant pumpkin on Mars.

Next we have Phillip the duck who has jelly arms and the body of a T-Rex. He lives in an oven in Lolly Land. He also has horns. (I put the missing¬†“i” in Phillip after this photo was taken)

Here we have Ronnie the worm. He has a robot suit, a nappy, banana legs and a squirrels tail. He lives in an old tin can in lolly Land as well. (maybe he’s friends with Phillip)

This is Crocness. He’s a crocodile with one chainsaw arm, a robots body and caterpillars for legs. He lives in a toilet on the moon.

Introducing Turbo the dog. He has tentacles for arms, a jetpack and a dragon’s body. He lives in a tipi under the ocean.

Last but not least we have Dan the hippo. He has T-Rex arms and an octopus body. He lives in an igloo on the moon. He is probably  neighbours with Crocness.

Thanks heaps to all the friendly, amazing kids and teachers I met. Hope you all are still drawing!