Ceduna Area School visit

I did a bunch of talks at Ceduna Area School. All the kids and the teacher were super rad and nice.

As I always do I did some drawings with the kids. Here’s what they came up with.

First up is Ginger the dog. He has frog leg arms, a pigs body and chicken legs. He lives in a giant pumpkin on Mars.

Next we have Phillip the duck who has jelly arms and the body of a T-Rex. He lives in an oven in Lolly Land. He also has horns. (I put the missing “i” in Phillip after this photo was taken)

Here we have Ronnie the worm. He has a robot suit, a nappy, banana legs and a squirrels tail. He lives in an old tin can in lolly Land as well. (maybe he’s friends with Phillip)

This is Crocness. He’s a crocodile with one chainsaw arm, a robots body and caterpillars for legs. He lives in a toilet on the moon.

Introducing Turbo the dog. He has tentacles for arms, a jetpack and a dragon’s body. He lives in a tipi under the ocean.

Last but not least we have Dan the hippo. He has T-Rex arms and an octopus body. He lives in an igloo on the moon. He is probably  neighbours with Crocness.

Thanks heaps to all the friendly, amazing kids and teachers I met. Hope you all are still drawing!


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