Dan McGuiness grew up in Flagstaff Hill, south of Adelaide. When he was growing up, Dan did not want to be a writer or an illustrator. In fact, Dan never wanted to do anything but play video games and watch cartoons.

Dan could draw in primary school. It’s how he made friends. By high school he had forgotten about drawing and just concentrated on teenage things … like girls.

After completing year 12 he got a factory job. After four morale-killing years of that he decided he was going to quit and start to live life.

Dan started up a skateboarding company with some friends and got a diploma in Interactive Multimedia followed but a Certificate 4 in Screen. He worked on some feature films and put out three successful skateboard videos. He has also worked as a wedding video editor, as well as shooting and editing video clips for local bands.

Dan’s love of comics began when he got a job with a local comic shop. It was there that he started to draw comics about his colleagues and the daily happenings in the store.

Dan has exhibited in a number art exhibitions, including many focused on comic art.

These days, Dan spends his time playing video games, watching cartoons and creating children’s books.

To book Dan for workshops or meet-the-author sessions in South Australia, contact:
Literary Booking Agent, Carole Carroll
ph: (08) 8376 4662
fax: (08) 8376 1162
email: c.carroll@internode.on.net

4 responses

  1. Nick Burton

    Hi Dan,

    I LOVE your book Pilot & Huxley!

    I am doing a book report about it for school and need to know your birthdate for the bio. I have got some information off your website, but don’t know your birthdate. Can you please tell me?

    From your fan,
    Nick Burton (aged 10)
    Brisbane, Qld.

    January 30, 2012 at 7:17 am

    • Hi Nick.

      My Birthday is 18/02/78.

      All the best with your report :D


      January 30, 2012 at 7:25 am

  2. Mel and the year threes

    To Dan,
    You are the best drawer in the world! We think they are very creative and we enjoyed making Phillip the duck dinosaur with jelly arms with you :) We are looking forward to starting our own graphic novels and comics.
    You have inspired us!
    From Miss Smith’s year 3 class at Ceduna Area School

    March 27, 2012 at 2:34 am

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